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We are a group of scholars at the University of British Columbia (UBC) iSchool dedicated to exploring the critical and creative intersections of interdisciplinary research in the field of information studies. Through this website, we hope to build connections with people like you by engaging in conversations related to the unique problems and possibilities of information research. This site represents and reflects a necessarily dynamic exploration of the issues, innovations, and discoveries taking place in our own research and that of the iSchool community. Consequently, it will grow as we grow. By sharing our reflections on information research and inviting others to share theirs, we hope to foster opportunities for dialogue and collaboration among scholars from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. Everyone has their own information stories to tell, and we look forward to hearing them and learning from the insights they have to offer.


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In our efforts to find creative ways to explore the interdisciplinary vocabularies of information research, we developed a word dice game for our iWords workshop at the 2018 iConference. During the workshop, we asked participants to write down six keywords that pertained to their research on personal blank dice. Once created, participants rolled their dice collectively in groups of three or four, reflecting on how the different word combinations related to each other.  The dialogues that took place around this language game were incredibly effective at highlighting points of connection and divergence in the different research backgrounds represented. Click on the above dice for examples of some of the interesting word combinations that occurred!

Word Dice